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Bid at all 50 States, Salvage and Clean Titled Vehicles! Dealers and Exporters ONLY.

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USA AutoMarket, it’s as simple as leave an order, bid, buy and bring it home.


USA AutoMarket, LLC specializes in exclusive services for Auto Dealers, and Auto exporters.

We currently do not offer services for us based individuals and NON dealer’s businesses. 

All non Dealer, non Exports accounts are now closed.

Please contact us via email if you have any questions regarding your security deposits.

Title proccesing

Please expect 7- 14 days to proccess a title.



Vehicle, motorcycle, heavy machinery and watercraft trading and export. We can provide you a Direct access to salvage and whole car auctions, personal login, international shipping, container shipping, cargo tracking.

  We speak your language! Our specialist can help you in English, Spanish, Lithuanian, Chinese, Arabic, Russian, Bulgarian and will offer exceptional customer service.

  USA AutoMarket LLC is licensed to purchase in all 50 states so we can even help all buyers purchase vehicles from restrictive states for which they don’t have a license. Both Wholesale and Retail customers are welcome!

  USA AUTOMARKET LLC (referred to as “USA AUTOMARKET”) is a licensed auto dealer, established in 2004 in the state of Indiana. USA AUTOMARKET offers intermediary solutions for US auto auctions, by purchasing and reselling vehicles to eligible US-based and foreign retail and wholesale buyers (referred to as “Buyer”). USA AUTOMARKET does not offer broker services, instead it completes the purchase, documentation and title reassignment process as the rightful buyer of each vehicle, and then engages in reselling vehicles to eligible Buyers. 

  USA AUTOMARKET can offer access to new vehicles,  dealer certified vehicles, previously leased vehicles, used vehicles, light damage vehicles, totaled rebuildable vehicles, parts only bill of sale vehicles, specialty equipment, and so much more. We can offer access to some of the largest name US Auctions such as auto auctions, motorcycle/power sport, specialty heavy duty equipment etc.

  USA AUTOMARKET can offers two main services:

  Annual registration - made for larger buyers who wish to have a full anytime access to auto auctions as an authorized USA AUTOMARKET agent. Buyer will have full capabilities to search, place preliminary (Proxy) bids, Buy now, watch and participate in internet and in live auctions.

  Single purchase – made for easy instantaneous access to leave an order(request) to bid/buy (on) a vehicle/item with no long term contract. 

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